La Maison du Caviar

Excellence & Tradition
The Maison du Caviar shop
selects its products from the best
and rarest in the world.
Caviars but also salmon,
taramas, bottarga, salmon
eggs, and blinis as well as
a whole range of delicatessen
and alcohol will be the ideal
partners for your exceptional meals.

Whether you are a beginner,
an amateur or an expert,
discover the greatest species
of sturgeon, from the beluga
to the baeri and the inevitable

Carefully selected for their
taste and smoking,
the Maison du Caviar invites you
to discover its collection of
hand-sliced organic Irish,
Scottish and Norwegian smoked

Taramas are a must for the aperitif.
From white tarama to caviar tarama,
not forgetting truffle tarama,
you will find what you will find
what you are looking for in our selection.

The delicatessen
Throughout the year,
the Maison du Caviar selects
the best products from reliable
and demanding partners to offer you
top-of-the-range products
in order to guarantee your satisfaction.

The hampers
La Maison du Caviar has created
hampers for all occasions,
to offer or to treat yourself.